John Deere Z235 42” 20-HP Zero Turn Mowers Review

The John Deere Z235 42 in. 20-HP Hydrostatic Gas Zero-Turn Riding Mower is a powerful unit that promises the user quality, comfort and performance. It is a dream for residential customers who want beautiful looking lawns in no time. A powerful 20HP V-twin John Deere engine promises good performance, and the welded steel frame makes the mower strong and reliable. There are also many other unique features that make this mower worth a buy, such as the high-back seat, storage compartment, color-coded operating panels etc.

John Deere Z 235 Zero Turn Mowers – Company Background

Founded in 1837, John Deere is a company dedicated to making life easy for the farmers. Since its inception, it has come a long way in being one of the trusted names for loggers, farmers and ranchers, builders and landowners. Even till today, the company hasn’t forgotten its core values and makes tools and equipment with the aim of making the user’s life easy and comfortable.

John Deere Z235 Riding Mower
  • Dimensions – 45 x 69 x 79 inches
  • Shipping Weight – 191 pounds
  • Cutting Width - 42 inches
  • Precised Mowing
  • Engine - 11.4 kW / 3200 rpm
  • Upto 7 mph speed
  • Fuel Type- Gas Powered
  • Electric Power Take Off (PTO) clutch
  • 15 inch comfortable seat
  • Two cup holder place

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers – Product Description

This hydrostatic zero turn riding mower comes in a smart design that is lightweight yet strong. The frame is that of welded steel offering the needed strength for any lawn mower. The 20HP V-twin John Deere engine promises great performance, with a cast-iron cylinder liner that gives a long engine life. 42inch deck ensures that there is no grass build up and a wash port is included for the user’s convenience. There is also a standard hour meter, cup holder, color-coded operating controls, high-back seat and storage compartment; all added to make mowing comfortable for the user. The foot platform flips up so you can maintain and clean the unit easily with better access to the top of the mower deck. The cutting height ranges from 1 inch to 4 inches with ¼ inch increments.

John Deere Z 235 Zero Turn Mowers – Customer Reviews

Customer Review #1

This lawn mower is one of the best things that I own right now… A friend recommended it to me after I shifted to a new space with a huge lawn, and I am so happy with the performance… My old house too had a lawn as big as this, but this new unit has suddenly cut down my mowing time a lot…


Customer Review #2

I am not quite fond of the design and the color scheme that they have followed, as some other competition brands do a better job at it. But that’s obviously secondary, because John Deere has got their primary work done right – that users get good-looking lawns with superior performance. I have used the unit repeatedly over 6 months and have no complaints so far.

Customer Review #3

This is definitely cheaper than some of the competitive models from other brands in the market… that’s one big plus point. Keeping that aside, the lawn mower is quite powerful and I am happy with it. I do have some issue with the overall weight of the unit; since it’s quite light, the traction isn’t that great. But I guess those are some minor things that we all can live with, when we eventually look at the overall performance and the clean-looking lawns that we get.

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